Friday, August 24, 2012

Vegan Faux Animal Print Handbags

Texas fashionistas love their animal prints
in apparel and accessories. But many are
having their eco-consciousness raised and
now prefer to go with faux animal skins.
This season you want be disappointed, because
you'll find a selection of eco friendly bags
that have all of your bases covered.

From blinged out Western bags to runway worthy
classics that will become a closet staple in
your wardrobe, you'll find new styles arriving

Cool Print Dresses For Work or Play

Okay, you've thumbed the magazines and you love those
artsy print dresses by designer Mary Katrantzou,often
called the Princess of Prints. However, her pricing
($1,000+)and your wardrobe budget can't get together.

Solution this cool surreal print dress in blue and
black is the perfect fashion forward alternative.
You'll enjoy it now and year round. Now, that's
investment dressing that pays off.

Styling Tips:
Really all you need is a great pair
of heels and a handbag or clutch.
But you could add some statement
earrings and bracelet for extra

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Early Fall 2012 Fashion Arrivals

Need the perfect early fall wardrobe addition? Look no more.
This cute hi-lo crinkle pleat dress is perfect.

Wear it as a cute short dress with boots [and trade out
that leopard belt for a Western belt].

Wear it as a tunic over black leggings and add a pair of
leopard flats!

Go a little boho by trading out the belt for a scarf
wrapped waist, a long skirt and some sandals.

Friday, August 10, 2012

In-Style Maxi Dress

Just in!

What a great way to round out your summer!

Add this In-Style maxi dress to your
wardrobe and wait for the compliments!
Maxi dresses are trending high and the
diagonal cut of this gray and white
stripe style is not only eye-catching,
it's also super flattering.

Just add sandals for a great casual look!

Later add a teal, orange or gray cardigan and flats

Toss on a jeans jacket