Saturday, February 1, 2014

Add a little fashion drama with the little black top!

Looking for a top that can enliven a pair of black
pants or a simple black skirt no matter what
the shape or length? This one is a posh answer
to a evening tee with a relaxed comfortable
silhouette. From the front it features
an elegant cut velvet type jacquard
pattern that leaves some semi-sheer
surface chiffon detail.
From the back it is all chiffon.

Style Tips:
. Go high contrast by pairing with a winter white
or white skirt or pants.

. For Valentine's Day wear with a red
or blush pink skirt or pants.

. For anytime go black on black with black wide
or skinny pants or a sequin pencil skirt.

. On a special evening out wear it with a long
black crepe or chiffon skirt.

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